Monday, 10 October 2011

Oh yeah, we did that last day!

Whats in a day? 86,400 seconds, of course. Lately, there have been several people who have asked what a typical day consists of for me. Shoot, as I thought about it I had to laugh because our adventures couldn't be considered no no, we have wayy too much fun around here to have all of our excursions shoved and stored into a "typical" folder in some file cabinet. I could sit here and explain some of our outings and everyday adventures, but that would probably be too much to read. So here is a few pictures showing some of the different ways we have spent our daily 86,400 seconds. :)

See those rocks behind Isaiah? We spend a lot of time playing in those rocks. Isaac says "ayy, Kak-Kaylee, 'bout choo play in tha rocks wiff me!". So that's what we do. We spell out our names, create trains, and pick out all of the pretty rainbow colored ones (which Isaac considers ALL of them pretty;).

Slide a little sliiide

Smile a little smile

Form a little fort

Wear a little watermelon

Splish a little splash

and take a smallish nap...

...or two

Both Isaac and Isaiah each capture a piece of my heart every single day. Despite the fighting and fussing with each other, they are two of the sweetest little guys around. I am quite confident that they are both Big-Bro capable and completely ready to warmly welcome baby sister, Immanuelle, when she arrives. :)