Sunday, 21 August 2011

Oh, the places you will go!

Living in Southeast Asia being one of those places? Didn't totally see that one coming, buuut here I am! :)

For the first couple of weeks upon arriving we learned as much as we could about the local culture. Eating at authentic little hole-in-the-wall restaurants every morning for breakfast was one of my favorite ways to observe and soak in the normal, everyday life that goes on for people here.
Yay! for people watching with French Toast and Kaya (some kind of sweet goodness in the form of jelly)!

One of our first days in town we toured a Sikh Temple...

...visited a Buddist Temple...

...and peeked inside of a Hindu Temple.

For the next few days we did a little bit of everything...
We ate buzzard bait durian--

Fed the monkeys a little snack--

And watched out for elephants (but never came across any)--

Spent the day in Singapore and visited the "Mer-Lion"--

Then wrapped up our week of sight-seeing with a trip to a beautiful little island surrounded by sparkling blue water--

Keep checking back in occasionally for updates of adventures with these adorable little Rivers boys! :)


  1. Welcome to Southeast Asia Kaylee! SOOOO glad you are here!

  2. I'm so glad you are doing the blog. We enjoy sharing your adventure with you!! I KNOW there are two boys who are blessed to have you around! See you soon!

  3. PS

    CAUTION: When you are climbing on those huge rocks on the beach, you must watch out for flying coconuts!!