Friday, 18 November 2011

Well you see what had happened was...

Here it is the 17th of November and I have not posted my - what seems to have become - monthly blog update. You may be wondering if I have an explanation for lack of updates here. And as a matter of fact, I have a darn good excuse! Just been too busy, as you can clearly see...;)

While October was quite a happening month for us, the truth is I am just a terrible blogger. When we visit a new place or eat at cultural restaurants, I always say to myself "Kaylee, this is awesome. I should write up a blog and post this amazing picture. Tonight". But alas, that just doesn't happen. There is always something that comes across for me to read instead and further contribute to my blogging-procrastination syndrome. So I am attempting to catch it all up, no worries ;) Anywho, all that to say I apologize (especially to my Mother) for not showing and telling about all of the going-ons 'round here.

At the beginning of October we hit the road to the capital. We squeezed in a few "touristy" adventures before Immanuelle arrived. First, we drove by the pink mosque. I'm sure it has a more formal name, but I don't know what it is. And I haven't seen too many mosques that are pink around here, so it's distinct enough not to get confused with another pink mosque. ;)

Some (very important) dood donated a couple few (hundred) acres for most of the federal buildings, so in return they built him a gigantonormus castle. Pretty good trade if you ask me...

We visited the park across from the two tall towers and a bridge where Isaac made some new friends. They played "trains" like this nearly the whole time we were there! So stinkin' precious...

Go-Karting! I know I know, it looks like we are straight off the set of Top-Gun...

Part one of this blogpost is brought to you by a hot cup of liquid brain power (aka coffee) and a cool rainy afternoon. To be continued...;)


  1. 1. I also remind yourself of the high-quality blogging experiences you have so regularly getting ice for Isaiah, playing Zingo with Isaac, holding Immanuelle "for a minute" while I get something from the kitchen, or chopping vegetables while I chop the onions... thrilling things like that.

    2. I don't know what the name of the pink mosque is either. If it hadn't have been a Friday when we went, you'd have been able to visit and wear the choir-robe-with-a-hoodie robe as you toured the inside...even the color of the robe is bright pink!

    3. I think if I were a Sultan I'd donate some land for a city. But I think I'd ask that they name it after me...technically the name of the city he donated the land for is "Successful Prince"...but I'd need something a little more specific, like Sharon's City.

    4. Trains in the pool that day healed my heart and stopped the pity party I was having about still being huge-pregnant.

    5. They should hand out aviators along with the hair nets and helmets. You can't have one without the other and look like you're serious about go-cart racing.

    6. I'm gonna remind you that you can go ahead and post another blog bc when people get to the bottom of the new one, they've checked your blog so many times, they'll see the title of this one and realize they haven't read it either. Just sayin'

  2. You're the loving Mother voice. :)
    I love the pink mosque city view - beautiful. Love the train - so adorable and fun looking even for me! Ok, I am ready for the next post! I love you, Mom